About the Acrylic Paintings

All of these paintings are original acrylic paintings on wood and board. I have been making and selling paintings for 20 years, and have completely perfected the art of painting.


I paint purely for the love of color combinations and have realized I have no need to convey any sort of deep message in my art. If you can dig something amazing out of there, have at it. Otherwise, please just enjoy the paintings based on simple, visceral aesthetics. 

Each painting is hand made with thick layers of paint, brush strokes are visible, and the paintings are on boards with a small saw tooth hook added to the back for hanging. If you would rather hang them with 3M removable tabs, please let me know and I will pry off the hook before to shipping, and include the 3M tabs. (These are the removable sticky velcro tabs.

If you are not delighted with your paintings, you may return them in their original condition at your expense for a full refund on the paintings. 

Please understand that I retain all rights to scanned images of the paintings and you may see your original painting offered on other products (such as prints) at some point in my store. 

P.S. I LOVE when people send me photos of my work hanging up, so feel free to send me pics! hello@lifewhack.me